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Optima - 518 Classic



The Optima - 518 Classic was designed to answer the needs of sophisticated practitioners who want to provide state of the art treatment to their patients on one hand, based on proven and tested treatment protocols and on the other hand to have the ability to reach new and improved protocols by conducting innovative clinical investigations.

The Optima - 518 Classic, based on Active's GEM-PL technology, sets the pulse pattern according to the selected treatment type, skin color, skin photosensitivity and treatment depth.
The treatment protocols and different pulse patterns take into account the tissue's TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) and the combined knowledge accumulated from thousands of treatments done during the years and clinical investigations done to confirm the findings.

New Handpiece Design
The Optima - 518 Classic is the first model to use the new Mark II multipurpose handpiece which enables:
* Faster treatments - up to 0.5 Seconds between pulses.
* Real-time handpiece temperature control.
* Contemporary and stylish design.
* Light weight design - 25% less weight to improve the therapists' comfort.

Research Program
For clinical investigations, the self setting program allows researchers to set the treatment's parameters according to their needs. Allowing advanced research with the device.
The energy levels in the self setting program can reach 31J\cm2 with high intensity of 4,000W.



* CE MDDIntl. Medical Standard
* FDAUS Safety Standard
* ISO-13485Med. Production STD
* IEC 60-601-1Medical Safety STD
* CFSGov. Health Approval
* CSACan.& US Safety App
* TGAAustralian health STD.
Handpiece:Multipurpose Wavelength Mark-II
Handpiece (Opt):Facial Treatments
Pulse Interval:0.5~2 Seconds
Output Power:11-31 joule/cm2, upto 4,000W
Cooling System:Improved Air Cooling
Control:Advanced Software Interface
Lamp's Life Span:200,000 Flashes (min)
Treatment Area:7.5 cm2 (15*50mm)
Wavelength:420-1100 nm
Weight:40Kg (including Stand)
Dimensions:44cm x 45cm x 100cm
  Skin Rejuvenation
  Pigmentation Treatment
  Acne Treatment
  Hair Removal
  Vascular (Facial) Treatment
  Tattoo Removal
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